Dangerous Women & Mysterious Men

The Lady Taken 1I’ve always thought that dangerous women have the most interesting stories. I’m not necessarily talking about lethal women (although between spies and assassins we have plenty of those in Romancelandia). No, I mean about the dangerous women who defied society by doing exactly what they shouldn’t – educating themselves, choosing to work, not getting married. The dangerous women are the ones who shoot a sly smile at society’s conventions and then blaze their own trail.

Those are the stories I’ve always wanted to write – especially when it comes to historical romance. That’s why I’m so happy to introduce you to Lady Killane, the heroine of my The Lady Taken erotic romance serial. A widow of five years, she has turned the money her husband left her into a little empire of cotton mills in the north of England. She’s happily remained unmarried, instead taking on young men as lovers all while carefully keeping her fortune out of their hands. She is living the life that she wants. A life of freedom.

Naturally, our hero has to be the kind of man who can challenge Lady Killane – an alpha pushing an alpha. She finds that staring down the barrel of Wolf’s pistol after her carriage is beset by highwaymen on the Yorkshire moors.

Wolf is a frustrating, mysterious man. A rough and tumble criminal with a hidden past, he rules over his men with strict determination. However, Lady Killane seems to draw out a wild, recklessness in him that neither of them understand.

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the world of The Lady Taken. I hope you fall in love with these characters as much as I have!

You can buy the first episode of The Lady Taken today!

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