On My Research Shelf

This week I sent off book 4 of The Lady Taken to my beta readers. That means I have just one more TLT part to write. It’s going to be a big, dramatic ending, and I can’t wait!

giphy (3)

Strangely enough, my happy dance looks a lot like Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” video…

Approaching the end of my first serialized novel is pretty exciting but, being an author, I’m already thinking ahead to my next project. I’ve started poking around in some research books, trying to figure out what exactly my next move is going to look like.


Research makes me so happy!

One of these books is key to figuring out my next idea, and I have no doubt that people who read The Lady Taken: Part 4 will be able to guess which character I’m hoping to feature. This person deserves their own book for a lot of reasons, one of which being they’re just way too hardened right now and need to meet someone who makes them come to terms with being vulnerable. Plus they kick ass so there’s always that.

So that’s where my plot bunnies are bouncing right now. But first I’ll have to stuff them back in their hutch and force them to behave because we’ve got to see Lady Killane and Wolf get their happily ever after!

Even Taylor's ready for a little well deserved love.

Even Taylor’s ready for a little well deserved highwayman love.

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