Saying Goodbye

TLT 5 KindleEveryone who knows me knows that I have a to do list. I rely on it to keep my life, work, and writing careers in order. That means that I have to obey the to do list and check things off regularly otherwise it all falls apart.

For the last week, right at the top of that list has been one entry: “TLT 5 release day post.” You see, I write a post for every release talking about something relevant to The Lady Taken. Today marks the release of the very last part of the book and that means that–other than Oct. 1st’s release of the entire serial as one novel–this book is done. D-O-N-E. Done.

(You can purchase it at any of these fine retailers if you haven’t already)

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The finality of the serial being over is probably why I’ve been struggling to write this post. Several times I opened up my laptop and pulled up WordPress only to stare at the blank screen. I didn’t know who to write and–here’s another insight into me–that’s a really rare thing. I’m a journalist by trade and that means hitting deadlines no matter what. There’s no room for writer’s block and consequently I’ve never suffered from it. Except this weekend when I couldn’t write a short post reflecting on my own serial.

Now that the words are starting to flow on the morning of my release day while I sit in bed, the reason why is pretty obvious. I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye yet.

I enjoyed writing this serial immensely. It was fun. Exploring a new genre and heat level was a blast, and I love the slightly over the top ridiculousness of writing about a highwayman and a countess. I also fell in love with Lady Killane. I mean, Wolf is great, but she’s the one whose head I’ve been living in for the past four months.

Naturally, since i enjoyed writing it so much even when it was stressful, the next step would be to write another. I don’t have to say goodbye to the world of The Lady Taken. I don’t even have to say goodbye to the characters if I don’t want to. The thing is, I’m also not quite ready to do that yet.

The Lady Taken was a project that sprang up during a very different period in my writing life. I didn’t have as much other active pieces of work with real, fast deadlines bearing down on me (because if I’ve learned one thing it’s that you need to be 100% dedicated to your serial if you want to keep it on schedule with preorders, etc.). Earlier this year, I could dedicate four months to the break-neck speed and death-defying high wire act of writing a serial just one book ahead. Now I can’t.

All this is to say that, while I’m having trouble saying goodbye for now, it’s what’s best. I do have plans for another serial because I would really like to tell Hawk’s story. She’s flinty and sexy and confident and so primed to meet someone who will break her down until she can’t help but loving him. I’m going to look at whether my writing schedule is open enough in early 2016 to make that a reality, but I can’t make any hard and fast promises right now.

For today, I’ll just as you to help me celebrate the end of The Lady Taken and all the future books to come!


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