The Lady Taken

The Lady Taken: Part 1

The Lady Taken 1Lady Killane is everything a woman in 1882 is not supposed to be. A wealthy widow of independent means, she takes lovers, frequents parties of the demimonde, and does exactly what pleases her. That is, until her carriage is overtaken by a highwayman who calls himself Wolf. Wolf takes Lady Killane for ransom, determined to hold her until her family pays him. But the longer she is captive, the more the two are drawn to each other. Soon, Lady Killane is torn between her desperate need to escape capture and her all-consuming desire for the mysterious highwayman who claims her soul the way no man ever has.

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The Lady Taken: Part 2

TLT 2 Cover 5:16Lady Killane is trapped, held captive by a mysterious highwayman who calls himself Wolf. Armed only with her wits, she’s determined to find her freedom, but to do that she must fight the passion Wolf stirs in her all while trying her hardest to conquer the man who drives her wild.

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The Lady Taken: Part 3

The Lady Taken 3Pulled further into a relationship she shouldn’t want with the man who is holding her captive, Lady Killane tries to stage her escape. But when Wolf finally begins opening up about his dark past, it only makes it harder for her to make the decision to stay or to go.

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The Lady Taken: Part 4

TLT 4 KindleThe enigmatic highwayman Wolf is grievously injured when the criminal mastermind Bear shoots him. Now Bear’s kidnapped Lady Killane and carried her off, threatening everything she holds dear. Now the countess must figure out a way to escape his clutches and make her way back to the one man she never would have expected to fall for.

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The Lady Taken: Part 5

TLT 5 KindleThe dramatic conclusion to Wolf and Lady Killane’s love story.

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The Lady Taken: The Complete Series

TLT Box Set KindleOut 10/1! Preorder the entire collection of these sexy, erotic books now!

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